Meet Lauren McCaskill

Born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey, Lauren McCaskill showed a keen interest in numbers and economics from a young age. His family often recounts stories of him playing “banker” instead of traditional childhood games, signaling an early inclination towards finance.

Educational Accomplishments

Lauren received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Rutgers University. Not stopping there, he further specialized by obtaining a Master’s degree in Financial Management from Princeton University. Throughout his educational journey, he was a standout student who received various awards and whose research papers garnered widespread acclaim.

A Flourishing Career

Lauren initiated his career in the financial sector, focusing on responsible lending and borrowing practices. His role in drafting policies and providing expert consultations helped him make his mark not only in New Jersey but also on a national scale. In 2015, he founded his financial consultancy firm, which has since advised numerous clients on responsible lending and financial management.

Lauren as Principal Author

As the principal author for Forward New Jersey, Lauren leverages his extensive expertise to educate the public on financial literacy, responsible lending, and economic trends. His writings, rich in analytical rigor, have made him a reputable name in financial journalism.

Personal Interests

Outside his professional life, Lauren is an avid reader with a penchant for economics and history books. He also devotes time to community service, particularly in programs focused on educating young people about financial responsibility.