The Need for Investments in New Jersey

ForwardNJ and coalition members have created these documents to help educate about and advocate for a full, sustainable TTF replenishment. Our ForwardNJ overview outlines the ForwardNJ plan and the “Moving New Jersey’s Economy Forward: Investing in New Jersey’s Transportation System” Report helps to both outline the benefits of an investments plan, as well as explain the problems that would plague New Jersey residents if we fail to properly invest.  Additionally, ForwardNJ has identified sector- and region-specific benefits to investment. The proper investment can greatly benefit everyone in our state – residents, commuters, employees, working families, and businesses.


A recent report by Peter Philips, Ph.D., Professor of Economics at the University of Utah brings to light the challenge of maintaining infrastructure in New Jersey, the most densely populated state in the nation, and how the state’s construction industry is one of the most productive and best-equipped in the country. Some highlights from the study include:

  • The claim that New Jersey pays 12 times more per mile on state-administered roads is false and deceptive because a one-lane, mile-long county road will, of course cost less than one mile of turnpike.
  • When the data are adjusted for total system mileage, population density, the number of lanes and the mix of disbursements among capital-and-bridges, maintenance, finance and administration, New Jersey road costs come in 4% below expected and are right in line with the costs of other states.
  • Due to past neglect, New Jersey’s roads need attention. New Jersey ranks:
    • 5th highest in percentage of urban and rural roads in need of repair,
    • 15th highest in percentage of deficient bridges in need of repair, and
    • 6th highest in the most congested roads in the country.
  • New Jersey’s comparative advantage in both the national and global economy is rooted in the economies of density and agglomeration. Continued vigilance and care in the maintenance and improvement of New Jersey’s transportation system is foundational to the state’s competitive standing.


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